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The Licence Equivalence Search information was updated on 17 November 2015 to reflect current licensing arrangements for identified occupations.

The affected occupations include conveyancers, driving instructors, gaming occupations, drivers transporting dangerous goods and explosives, pilot and escort vehicle drivers, passenger vehicle drivers, motor vehicle repairers, pyrotechnicians, pest and weed controllers, property agents, shotfirers and valuers.

Licensing arrangements for the remaining specified occupations will be updated during 2016.

Specified licensed occupations have been subject to a ministerial declaration process and an licence equivalence search can be performed for these occupations. A list of the occupations can be found on the ​About page.

If an equivalent licence is shown in the search result, a licence holder is entitled to that equivalent licence following an application to the licensing authority of the second state or territory and payment of any relevant fee.

Not all licensed occupations have been subject to a ministerial declaration, including professional occupations. If your occupation or licence type is not listed, or you are unable to find an equivalent licence, you are still entitled to have your licence considered under mutual recognition. Please contact the licensing authority in the state or territory in which you want to work for advice on how to progress a mutual recognition application.

Contact Information for state and territory licensing authorities is provided at the completion of a licence search and these are also available on the Licensing Contacts page.

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